Message from Coordinator

Our A Level programme has been the choice of many students since its establishment in 1998. This is in recognition of our excellent delivery system, consistent academic performance and the attainment of Cambridge Top in the World and Country awards. We have two world toppers in Mathematics and one in general paper, with a good number of country toppers on our record. 

Pursuing the Cambridge International A Level qualification will be exciting and rewarding. You will receive academic guidance from our experienced and qualified body of faculty members, along with access to a wide range of learning facilities and support services.

Besides providing an intellectually stimulating academic environment, KAA puts great emphasis on the overall development of its students and therefore, you will have ample opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.

Our Guidance Counsellor will work closely with you during your undergraduate application process, and bring you a step closer to attaining your goals and opening you up to a world of possibilities.

We are extremely proud of our students and their individual success stories. I look forward to working with you to ensure that you leave as successful individuals fully prepared for higher studies and be able to meet future challenges with confidence.

Yadab Thapaliya

A Level Coordinator